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  • New Office Hours?
    Posted by Josie Cooperstone November 7, 2016

    That's right we now have office hours, check it out!

  • Attention Future Beta Testers!!
    Posted by Josie Cooperstone July 19, 2015

    Hello Amaretto Community!!
    As most of you know we always have new and exciting stuff going on here at Amaretto and are always grateful to our beta testers for all their help with testing (breaking lol) whatever we need tested. Have you ever wanted to be an Amaretto Beta Tester? Well now is your chance! At all Amaretto locations we have placed out a "Beta Tester Application Box". These boxes have a Beta Application in them, fill it out and drop it back into the cute little box. We will be AT LEAST doubling our beta team in the near future and it could include you! What do we need more beta testers for?? Well you know we can not reveal that just yet, but I can guarantee you it is going to be AWESOME!! So get on down to any Amaretto location and put in your Beta Application today!!
    Happy Breeding!!

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  • We have selected our new Beta Testers from the hundreds of applicants who submitted ncs. All invites have been sent, so if you see your name on this list and have not received your invite, please im myself, Avalon or Jaymee to have another sent to you. Thank you to all who submitted ncs we appreciat...
  • Happy February!! Since this month is know for Love.... we decided to put all of our starter packs on sale, to spread the love and breeding <3 From Feb 1st thru Feb 28th 2017, all starter packs are now 10% off!! Still want to discover some of those wild hairs?? Here is your chance to get those sta...

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